Anyone find sex on SnapSext?

I worked out pretty well for me

Great Hookup Site

Without hesitation, I can say Snapsext is better than most other fuck buddy sites. It's probably the fifth site I tried after some unsuccessful runs on the others. I liked the idea of meeting women on my phone and I liked that they seemed to market to a younger demographic. With all the Milf stuff these days, it was nice to see a site where I could meet younger chicks (college age) with a daddy complex and no strings attached.

The first chick I met on Snapsext was actually a girl that was the younger sister of one of my friends. It was this really weird coincidence that I met with her on their but as soon as I saw her pic, I knew I had her. What’s cool is that when you see someone on there, you don’t have to feel embarrassed because you know that they don’t want others knowing they are on it either. So it’s easy to be like “what would your brother think?” to a girl like that with no worry of repercussion. At least that’s that what I thought.

So, my snapchat sext story starts our pretty fun, get’s kinda weird then get’s awesome. I would recommend the site to most single dudes, just try to stay away from crazy women. The best way to do that is create your own vetting process that you commit to sticking to before even getting started. If you do that, you’ll be fine.

It goes like this...

I was bored and horny at home thinking about how I could possibly find chicks that were also bored and horny. I had heard about other sites but none of them caught my attention until I saw SS. It had the kinds of girls I actually wanted to meet and it made sense for those girls to actually be on there.

I signed up for an account and started checking out girls in my neighborhood. I found there were more than I was expecting. This girl Tracy showed up and then there was Carrie. Carrie is the girl who was my friends little sister. I contacted her and Tracy both that night.

Carrie responded with “don’t you dare tell my brother!”

So I was like “how are you gonna keep my mouth shut?”

So she was all “maybe you want my mouth open... around your...”

I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t totally make sense within the context of our brief conversation but that didn’t matter at all. I knew what she was insinuating. This was exactly what I was looking for. It sweetened the pot that I knew her too, because we didn’t have to go through any weird introduction/small talk stuff.

We agreed to meet up at her place. This was my first mistake. She still lives in the same house with her family. I knew that her brother still visited a lot even though he had his own place up the street. As soon as I got there, he was standing in the doorway. This was weird.

He thought I was there for him to say “hi” and that’s exactly what I had to pretend like I was doing. I was kinda pissed I wasn’t about to get laid, but at least he didn’t walk into her room while we were doing it. So then, she must have heard my voice and didn’t know he was over because from upstairs I hear her say “You gonna come get it or what?”

Her brother had a confused look on his face, while I had a concerned look on mine. My face totally gave it away, because then he asked to see my phone.

If this had been setup through any site but snapsext, we would have been screwed because he would have see all the nasty sexts between the two of us. Instead, everything was on the snapchat sex app, which he didn’t even look at. He was just scrolling through my old messages as she walked down the stairs. As soon as she saw he was there, she kind of freaked out too. He gave me my phone back and just asked us “What is going on with you guys?”

I told him “nothing.”

She said the same. The he asked why I came over to his mom’s house instead of straight to his house if I wanted to hang out. I panicked and just said “whatever” and walked out to my car and drove off. I haven’t seen him (or her) since.

As soon as I got home, I noticed I had a message from the original Tracy girl I had messaged originally. Before I even made it back to my place, I had setup a hookup date with Tracy. She didn’t have any brothers and had her own place. I thought getting there might be a little weird initially but as soon as I knocked on the door, she opened it up with some lingerie on. We said 3 or 4 sentences to one another before getting to business. We like to refer to what we have as a “business” relationship. I still go in for a “transaction” about once a week.